We wanted to share some exciting news on the progress of our AAA GI Joe Snake Eyes game in development and our growing studio.

We recently hosted the leadership team from Wizards of the Coast here at our Raleigh, North Carolina studio to share our progress over the past year and half developing the concept for the GI Joe Snake Eyes Game and we are incredibly proud and excited to share that we have officially moved out of our Concept phase and started the Pre-Production phase of development! This next phase, Pre-Production, will be focused on getting the game and team ready for full Production and then release. We will be working on many important things like finalizing development pipelines, identifying and hitting visual and performance targets, and culminating in a vertical slice milestone that will demonstrate a final quality cross-section of gameplay loops, technology, features, mechanics, art, and audio that will be part of the final version of the game. The team has worked incredibly hard to get to this point and we couldn’t be more proud of the work we have done and the game we are making!

Additionally, we have grown the development team from our initial kernel of the core leadership group to a robust cross-functional team of super talented, diverse and passionate developers located across the world. It is incredibly inspiring and humbling to be surrounded by such a talented group of developers who are not only contributing to the creation of our AAA GI Joe Snake Eyes game but also building the cultural foundation for the future of our team and studio. Everyone on our team reflects our core values and has lifted the quality of our entire team by their contribution’s day in and day out.

With our team growing and our desire to foster more collaboration we decided to build a physical studio space in Raleigh, North Carolina. With the support from Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro we completed phase 1 earlier this year and are looking forward to starting phase 2 next year to accommodate our projected team growth. All our roles are fully remote, and we do not require anyone to come into the office, but rather took the approach that if we build an inviting and collaborative space the team will naturally want to utilize it, and we can say that has turned out to be the case. Our Raleigh team is in the office daily and many of our remote team members come to visit the studio to build relationships, collaborate and create; it has had a huge positive impact on our team and development.

This has been a very exciting year for us at Atomic Arcade and we are so proud of achieving this first major goal of completing Concept and starting Pre-Production. This is all due to the talent of Atomic development team and the amazing partners we have been fortunate enough to work with!

... we are incredibly proud and excited to share that we have officially moved out of our Concept phase and started the Pre-Production phase of development!